Jalvirtual House Foundation epoxy concrete floor Is Applying Epoxy to a Concrete Floor Something You Can Do By Yourself?

Is Applying Epoxy to a Concrete Floor Something You Can Do By Yourself?

Many people all over the nation have some type of concrete flooring in their home or workspace. The thing about concrete flooring is that it can sometimes be difficult to maintain when it begins to show its age, and many people like to work on personal projects in their garages or basements.

When this issue comes to mind, one of the first things homeowners or business owners might think about is applying an epoxy coating to the floor for easier maintenance and cleaning. There is also the added bonus of an epoxy concrete floor being much more durable and much better looking to the eye.

So, since epoxy flooring is so good at what it does, is this a project you should call in a professional for or is it a task you could tackle yourself?

Can Epoxy Floor Application Be Handled Solo?

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You most certainly can handle this task by yourself or with the help of a few friends. There are certainly specialists out there that could give you a hand if you have the money but not the time to handle it alone, but if you like to take the DIY approach to such projects, then you’ll be happy to know that it is not that difficult to apply epoxy coating to your concrete floors.

·    You should begin by thoroughly cleaning your concrete floor to prepare it for coating.

·    You’ll then be ready to apply primer, and apply the first layer of epoxy coating.

·    After the primer has set into the floor, you can finish the job by using epoxy finishing coating everywhere that you applied the primer.

This is a fairly simple task, although it will be a bit time consuming, considering that you will need to wait at least four hours for the primer to settle. You won’t need anything but the epoxy and some paint rollers to handle the job, however, making it relatively cheap and easy to handle alone.

If you’ve been thinking about a concrete floor makeover, then you’re all set to get the products and handle the job.